Beaufort NC Wedding Venue

Beaufort NC Boat Fuel Dock


As time changes, the end of one era brings a new one.

Prior to Europeans arriving in what is now known as Beaufort, the town was an Indian fishing village. And, until it was incorporated in 1723, it was known as Fishtowne. Beaufort’s draw has always been the waterfront.

Flash forward over 200 years to 1934, and that is when the property on which The BoatHouse now stands was acquired from the Mace family and became Beaufort Fisheries, Inc. This menhaden fish processing plant ran for the next 75 years. According to Jule Wheatly, the founder’s grandson, the company only had to close once in its history, but it managed to survive.

Now we move from the Industrial Age to the Age of Environmental Responsibility.

To prepare the site for The BoatHouse, 530 tons of waste and debris, 915,340 tons of steel, and 5,112 gallons of oil were recycled during demolition of the property. 10,000 tons of concrete were recycled and reused for construction, as part of the design. The BoatHouse meets all NC Green Marina Standards and is environmentally friendly.